deconstruction reconstruction (spiffylou) wrote in vaginas_only,
deconstruction reconstruction

its finally that time

so i'm going to the girl doctor for the first time on thursday, and i am a little frightened.
im 17, and its time i visit for my own health.
especially for my irregular periods and my horrible mood swings and crying spells.
at first i thought how i was acting was depression/anxiety related, but i really dont think its that anymore.
looking further into the situation, how i was acting correlated more closely with my period.
i just hope i can get help, because i am ruining relationships with the people who are close to me.

has anyone ever had this same problem?
i mean to some extent, acting like that is normal, but the way ive been acting has become excessive.

anything i should prepared for for a first visit?


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good luck!
hope you dont have sensitive lady parts. i do, and pap smears are so uncomfortable for me.
i wouldnt really recommend a birth control (if you were even thinking of using one) because they really differ from woman to woman on how they work. you just gotta kinda figure out which one is good for you. but they all give you greeeaat skin! =)
i could definitely use some help in the skin area, and i was thinking of using one.
what birth control do you take?
i dont use one anymore because for me it was fucking up my circulation. =/
i had the same problem from like 14-18 but im 20 now and its curbed!

i just got right emotionally screwed up everytime my period came, i just made people deal with it and it went away like i said...

i just had my first pap last year! i was so freaked but it took the doctor longer to explain what she was going to do then it did for her to actually was fine....i dont know what they use at your doctor but they switched to plastic stuff so they arent cold, and im right sensitive but could barely feel was just there, it felt weird when she did the cervical swab though...

but seriously its like BOOM over....youll do fine! *hugs*

i was on birth control for a year or so (tricyclen or something it was called) and it regulated my periods and all, but it also killed my sex drive and made me feel like womanly i dont know lol

but yeah im off it now just use condoms and my periods regulated themselves.

its all good!

love kazz
gyno visits aren't that bad.
you'd think that it'd be weird for someone to be messing around down there.
but luckily, you can't see & they talk throughout the procedure.

i recommend Yasmin for birth control.
it's the only one that has worked out for me.