Kateedancerchic (kateedancerchic) wrote in vaginas_only,

parental notification

hey all. i looked for this info online at google and i couldnt really find anything helpful, so i was hoping some of you might have some info or thoughts that might help =)

well, my period has been acting weird lately. its back for the 3rd time this month and the first one went for over 2 weeks long. i told my mom and shes making a gyno appt for me soon to try to see if theres something wrong. and my period has been irregular ever since i first got it (about 5 years ago) so shes gonna ask about birth control or something to make it more regular.

ive been to the gyno before just for a checkup. and i had never had sex then so when she asked me i said no..obviously..but now i have a bf and we've had sex. and she's going to ask me if i have, of course. i want to be honest with my gyno about it but im afraid she'll tell my mom. so i went on google to try to find some laws about parental notification but all i got was having to do with abortion. are the gynos required to tell your parents if you've had sex? i live in Michigan and im 17. i know the laws probably vary everywhere but i couldnt find anything online.

is there anyone out there who can help me with this? thanks in advance to everyone!
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