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1.)Whats your name?: rachel but you can call me crutch. or sparky. or rocky...
2.)Where are you from?: orland,florida AND port hope,ontario
3.)How old are you?: 18
4.)Who is your daddy and what does he do?: hopefully gets shot in the head? but we wont go there :D
5.)What kind of sanitary protection do you use?: tamponssssssss
6.)What type of birth control?: yeah about that.... >>
7.)Sexual preference?: heterosexual from what i can tell
8.)Pro life or pro choice?: PRO-CHOICE. duh.
9.)How do you usually spend your Sundays?: oh that all depends. if i am working, well, i work, but not very well. and if im off work, well, ill sleep in, drink and eat healthy all day [from the last two previous nights of drinking] and watch tv. possibly go for a walk with a good friend or two.
10.)1 week before your period you would kill for ________ ? oh god, the spicy chicken sandwhich off the mcdonalds dollar menu and fries with LOTS of mayonnaise. mhmm.
11.)Kerry or Bush and a good reason why: neither. all politics are liars.
12.) And if you can, post a picture of yourself here:

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i have a question too!
i was wondering if it matters weather i make posts public or not?
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