. (xo_kates_xo) wrote in vaginas_only,

Hi I'm new here. Just to let yall know.

When my boyfriend fingers me he kind of rubs fast around my "hole" (sorry for lack of termonology) and I think he cut me between my anus and my vagina. But I was wondering what I can do about that. Because it causes some pain. Not a great deal but more than a discomfort.

Also I'm 16 and would like to go on birth control. My mom found out I've had sex before and she asked my sister (we are close shes 19) to talk to me about it. Shes asked me if I should go on birth control before but I kinda just blew her off. Well I'm now regularly sexually active and I really really want to go on it. I just can't bring myself to asking her. It's also for regulating my period and easing cramps. I know this isn't exactly what this community is for but could someone please help me think of ways to bring it up to her. I don't think ANYONE wants little mes running around. O and also my mom told my sister that she would be more upset if I went behind her back and went on it rather than ask her.

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