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Ok time for the product of the week. Has it been a week since the last one? Oh well whatever heres another:

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I know its not something you can stick up your vag or a secret cream that will give you huge breasts by morning, but im sure you all have teeth. And its awesome.
Its a 2 hour teeth whiting system. And it really works. I used it about 2 weeks ago and its really amazing how my teeth went from cheese to pearls. And its not just a little difference, its a lot.

They come with comfy teeth bite trays and you just squirt the gel into the trays, bite down, and leave them in for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you take them out, rise out your mouth and the trays and just wait for 10 minutes. Then repeat for 20 minutes in, 10 minutes our for 2 hours. If you have really sensitive teeth, you can just do it for 15-20 minutes a day.

Now for the pros and cons:

+ Really white teeth in 2 hours. Duh.
+ Doesnt taste bad at all! Unlike those crest white strips that make you want to throw up out of your eyes.
+ You only have to do it about every 6 months, depending on if you drink a lot of coffee, tea, or other foods that stain your teeth.
+ It says on the box that you can do your laundry while you whiten. I guess thats cool.
+ Its totally cheap. I paid $13 for about 3 and a half uses at my local bulk-buy supermarket, im sure picking up the regular amount at walmart would be even less.

- If your one of those people that feels the need to go to town on the bleaching gel, then you might swallow some. and it might burn your throat. just a little.
- Itll make your teeth a bit sensitive for a few days.
- It kinda bleaches your gums too, but that also goes away after a few days.
- Might get a little headache. Take some motrin.

So go try it. Just dont be one of those weirdos that whitens their teeth so much theyre clear.

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